QCA (Qt Cryptographic Architecture) in KDE

Szombathelyi György gyurco at freemail.hu
Thu Aug 26 11:39:32 BST 2004


I'm looking for possibilities to extend various ioslaves (SMTP, POP3 and 
IMAP) to allow using more SASL mechanisms (KERBEROS-GSSAPI is my primary 
target). The current KSASL class is not enough to achive this goal, I 
found 2 possible methods for extending the ioslaves:
1. Use the cyrus-sasl package directly, maybe creating a C++ wrapper 
around it (and call it KSASL2 or something similar)
2. Use (QCA http://delta.affinix.com/qca/).

Any opinions on which would be the better solution? QCA's SASL plugin 
also uses cyrus-sasl, so is it worth not to use it directly? My primary 
concern about QCA that it seems to not being maintained.


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