Adding Docbook 4.3 and DocBook XSL 1.65.1 to kdelibs

Frederik Fouvry fouvry at CoLi.Uni-SB.DE
Thu Aug 26 10:41:40 BST 2004

| > Stephan, regarding size: I've stripped 1.65.1 similarly to kdelibs' 1.48,
| > but obviously kept fo and xhtml. The latter was released two years ago, I
| > guess that justifies developing tentacles. No, I don't like the size either
| > :| If it was possible to literally upgrade the XSL sheets, we would save
| > 3mb. The KDE customization's backwards dependency amazes me, but that's
| > hardly surprising considering my shallow insights.
| The backwards dependency for the DTD is vital for third party apps, since 
| there's a lot of them out there who simply don't update the DTD in their 
| docs.   It's not going away, and is a hard requirement, just like binary 
| compatibility for libs are.  In fact, it's pretty much the same thing.  

I can only confirm this.

BTW: there's 4.4b1 now as well, which is (among others) a bug
"release" for 4.3 (it's actually a working draft, and I wouldn't
want to base the KDE documentation on that).  The official
specification is still 4.2.


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