[patch] New method for scaling wallpaper

Unai Garro ugarro at telefonica.net
Mon Aug 23 15:26:28 BST 2004

Hi there,

I found that all current methods in the background kcontrol module have
trouble scaling images that aren't 4:3 in size (like vertically taken photos). 
They either distort the image (scale method) or leave empty gaps (maxpeth)

So I added a new method, which I called "Optimal Fill" (I couldn't find a 
better name for it, but feel free to change it).

The method just scales the image up until the whole desktop is filled,
 without distorting it. Thus, if the image isn't 4:3, part of it will go

Patch attached,.... anyone cares to check if there's anything wrong with it 
and apply? works great here, and I find it useful for my vertical holiday 
pics ;)


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