Preparation for QKW (native win32 kdelibs branch) merging

Jarosław Staniek js at
Sun Aug 22 20:29:12 BST 2004

Hello all,
We're after KDE 3.3 release, so looks like it's _good time_ to merge QKW with 
kdelibs HEAD. If somebody doesnt know, this is also reasonable because 
kde-cygwin Project, thanks to Ralf Habacker and others, delivered GPLed 
Qt3/win32, and reached Milestone 4 (see

Here we have some issues:

1. Proposed merge policy: I could send here patches against HEAD, one by one, 
each grouped with serveral files, starting with kdecore/ and so on, for you to 
look at.

2. I noticed that KDElibs already have some files with added supoort for 
non-X11 targets. I'll reuse that changes in the patches.

3. First question: we've to have someting like qglobal.h in Qt (relatively 
small set of defines). Of course kglobal.h file is already reserved and it 
impelments KGlobal what is something different. What we have is to basically a 
place for all paltform-specific defines. Among others, *_EXPORT defines (I've 
already wrote about this here:

First simple proposal is kdelibs.h file for entire kdelibs/.

For non-win32 target, this file would contain empty defines like:
[..and so on..]

I think it could be included via (a) "-include" option, for convenience, or 
eventually with (b) #include <kdelibs.h> in .h low-level files, like in Qt.

Please note that this addition does not complicate KDE app programming, 
because the include will be added automatically, no matter if using (a) or (b) 

regards / pozdrawiam,
   Jaroslaw Staniek / OpenOffice Polska
   Kexi project:
   Qt-KDE Wrapper project:

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