Aaron Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Sun Aug 22 18:45:45 BST 2004

On Sunday 22 August 2004 17:41, Waldo Bastian wrote:
> I see a need to have buy in for the _contents_ of the UIG, but the format
> of the thing is really not an issue. So far everyone who has shown some
> concern about the UIG seems to agree that a docbook version is better
> managable and maintainable than the current version.

yes, a docbook version is better. but that's not the point.

> >  o we can't have standards when there are forks. we now have guidelines
> > on both developer.kde.org and usability.kde.org and that is not only
> > completely against the idea of interface STANDARDS but is beyond
> > ridiculous. i look forward to seeing the (justfiable) "KDE is stupid
> > because..." flames on the web as a result of this once someone actually
> > notices =(
> I don't think this is intended as a fork, but rather a replacement. 

intended or not, it is a fork at this point. and if it's meant to be a 
replacement, that's something that should be done within the scope of the 
discussions that will be happening on Tuesday and Wednesday here that will be 
addressing this exact issue. it's not like the knowledge of this upcoming 
coordination effort was unknown, i've talked about it for some time. waiting 
a couple of days and joining us (Jan, Ellen, Sig and others) in discussing 
the details of replacing the current UIG should not be an issue. however, 
apparently it is.

i am not enjoying answering developers here at aKademy who are asking me what 
the difference is between the version on developer.kde.org and 
usability.kde.org are and what it means when it says on the new version that 
it will soon be "version 1.0".

> If 
> having two version for a few days is causing uncontrolled chaos and

hyperbole, my favourite way to discuss things.

> confusion we better remove the one on developer.kde.org quickly.

fine, do whatever. but preferably Frans would coordinate with what's happening 
elsewhere in the project rather than simply plowing ahead. the impending 
refreshment of the UIG is not something that should be done in a random 
fashion with people expending energies in different directions. we've had the 
current set of documents for several years, waiting a few more days to move 
forward shouldn't be an issue. it's not like there's a shortage of other 
things to do.

> > seriously.... stop this. if you don't, i will simply seek other measures
> > to ensure you do such as restricting your rights to commit to
> > www/areas/usability
> No comment.

lol ... "No comment" is a comment. ;-)

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