KDE is a vendor

David Johnson david at usermode.org
Thu Aug 19 03:29:08 BST 2004

On Wednesday 18 August 2004 06:27 am, Martin Köbele wrote:

> my opinion is that any kde-application should be installed in
> $KDEDIR, no matter where it is hosted. Most actually need to be
> installed in $KDEDIR to ensure that everything (i.e. icons) is
> working fine. (Although there is already a workaround available for
> that).

Hear hear! It's not KDE's business to be telling systems where they must 
install KDE. It's up to the individual distribution and system to 
decide if they want KDE under /opt/kde, /usr/local/kde, or wherever. If 
some distro wants to go nuts and install it under /usr/man/kde, who are 
we to say no?

The configure scripts will need a default install location, and since 
the people most likely not to use "--prefix" are end users, 
then /usr/local is the FHS appropriate location.

David Johnson

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