KDE is a vendor

Luciano Montanaro mikelima at cirulla.net
Wed Aug 18 14:11:49 BST 2004

El Miércoles 18 Agosto 2004 14:54, Leo Savernik escribió:
> Am Mittwoch 18 August 2004 13:54 schrieb Adrian Schroeter:
> [...]
> > > What's the problem with /opt/kde4?
> >
> > We have been requested by the LSB Group to leave the /opt/$vendor
> > namespace to the vendors. So, it is no problem, if kde.org requests to
> > install KDE into that place.
> I think KDE can well be treated as a vendor. Though we charge no money, it's
> still a product we provide.
> Question to everyone: Should KDE be treated as a vendor?
> I say, yes.
> >

I think KDE should be treated as a vendor. After all, there is a number of 
products we "ship". The same could be said of Gnome, X.Org, XFree...

I have always liked SuSE's "/opt/kde<n>", but what about programs relying on 
KDE developed outside KDE CVS? Where should those be installed?


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