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Charles Samuels charles at
Sat Aug 14 19:45:34 BST 2004

On Saturday 14 August 2004 5:37 am, Matthias Welwarsky wrote:
> Why do you think that mixing in kernel consumes less cpu, produces less
> latency? It does not matter if the cycles for resampling filters are
> executed in kernel or user context. Plus, you cannot utilize floating point
> arithmetics from kernel context, which makes any resampling filter apart
> from simple, low-quality linear interpolation a big hassle.

Oh, I never said resampling filters would be faster in the kernel.

Additionally, if resampling in the kernel is a "big hassle" then why does 
linux already do it?:

Anyway, since hardware these days often only supports a single samplerate, you 
don't need a resampler, you just allow the driver to only support a single 

If the methodology for linux were to make "the kernel as small as possible," 
then I bet a lot of *hardware* drivers would end up in user space.  And may I 
mention that I seem to remember a web server in Linux as well.... hmm...

> Applying pressure to Linus, (*ROTFLMAO*) or anybody else to provide this
> functionality in kernel is just not going to work, since policy on linux
> kernel development is "show me the code", like on KDE. When did you last
> time "pressure" a fellow KDE developer to implement a feature you
> absolutely wanted but were to lazy to implement yourself? Did it work?

If I've ever mentioned we should pressure him to *code* it, I apologize, I 
meant to say we would pressure him to *allow* it.


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