Please update tag for JuK in KDE 3.3.0

Michael Pyne pynm0001 at
Sat Aug 14 05:34:03 BST 2004

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Hi all,

I've fixed two bugs today in JuK that, although neither would qualify as a 
showstopper IMO, both could cause severe annoyance for the user.  Also, both 
fixes are simple fixes.

Bug #1, in playlistcollection.cpp:
The function open() was called to re-scan a directory after receiving the 
dirty() signal from KDirWatch.  open() will post a dialog to the user if the 
current playlist isn't the Collection List, which would be oh-so-annoying if 
the directory being watched by KDirWatch has a lot of files.  The fix is to 
call the function that open() would call, addFiles(), so it's IMHO a safe 

See Bug 87098.

Bug #2, also in playlistcollection.cpp:
The PlaylistCollection class sets itself up as the playlist interface for the 
Player, but forgets to remove the connection after the destructor is called.  
This seems to cause problems during shutdown if the JuK window is open, 
leading to the horrible sight of Dr. Konqi on shutdown. :-(  The fix is to 
correctly remove the connection in the PlaylistCollection destructor.  This 
is also a safe fix IMHO.

See Bug 87051.

With all the above said, I'd like to ask that KDE_3_3_0_RELEASE be retagged so 
that kdemultimedia/juk/playlistcollection.cpp is at revision, if 
that is still possible.  Thanks! :-)

 - Michael Pyne
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