What Sound System for KDE 4

Frans Englich frans.englich at telia.com
Fri Aug 13 22:29:48 BST 2004

On Friday 13 August 2004 21:02, ismail donmez wrote:

This thread is off topic, discuss it on kde-multimedia where it 

An idea: Write a paper which outlines:

* State of the art: A detailed discussion of current sound systems and their 
characteristics. Take a broad discussion: legal, portability issues, 
scalability, if the technology will stay etc. Do a pros/cons list

* What requirements KDE has, and what the future sound system will have to 
live up to(or what is preferred).

* Let various people review it and complement the pros/cons list(the paper 
should not be a rant or debate paper, but a collection of facts which clears 
misunderstandings and FUD).


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