PATCH: [Bug 83064] SMB URI syntax error

Dawit A. adawit at
Fri Aug 13 03:43:16 BST 2004

On Thursday 12 August 2004 10:15, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> Am Donnerstag 12 August 2004 15:05 schrieb Dawit A.:
> > There is no explicit mention of the <scheme-specific-part> not being
> > empty, but if you read further in that same section or Appendix A (BNF
> > representaion) you can see that by definition it cannot be empty. To
> > summarize, the definition is basically as follows:
> This summary is wrong as the definition of scheme-specifc-part is only for
> a subset of URIs:
>    The URI syntax does not require that the scheme-specific-part have
>    any general structure or set of semantics which is common among all
>    URI.  However, a subset of URI do share a common syntax for
>    representing hierarchical relationships within the namespace.  This
>    "generic URI" syntax consists of a sequence of four main components:

That says nothing about it being empty. All that says to me is that the 
<scheme-specific-part> does not have to have some common structure among all 
schemes in existence or those to be created in the future. Anyways, the SMB 
draft spec. make this discussion completely moot. The smb URL is defined as 
as a hierarchical URL of the form "smb://". By that very definition it can 
never be expressed validly as "smb:" regardless of how you choose to 
interpret the statements in RFC 2396. Even the author of the draft spec. who 
created this bug report explicitly stated "smb:" and "smb:/" have "no meaning 
in the draft spec" [1].

If you want to keep "smb:" as valid form for historical reasons (did we 
support this before??), then my previous suggestion of adding properties to 
the .protocol files that allows the io-slave designer to specify what is 
acceptable and valid is the way to go AFAIC.


Dawit A.
"Preach what you practice, practice what you preach"

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