post 3.3 kconfig_xt work

Maks Orlovich mo85 at
Thu Aug 12 21:16:09 BST 2004

On Thursday 12 August 2004 03:32 pm, you wrote:
> Am Donnerstag 12 August 2004 17:53 schrieb Maks Orlovich:
> [...]
> > > -Some apps have bugs open against them to convert their gui's to ui
> > > files for many good reasons.
> >
> > which? I need to close them as INVALID since that's not the sort of thing
> > users should be requesting.
> What? Since when aren't developers allowed to enter bugs in bko? I hope you
> won't close bugs I filed and assigned to myself.

Developers can of course do so. But users, IMHO should not --- user bugs need 
to be of the "this is broken" form and not of the "you must do it this way" 
form (unless the user is someone's boss). And at any rate, this is besides 
the point. Bugs like "convert foo to .ui" are reminders, not notes of 
problems to fix.

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