3.3 Requirements update:

Caleb Tennis caleb at gentoo.org
Tue Aug 10 22:18:51 BST 2004

I was posting some of this on the dot, but I thought it would get lost in the 
vacuum, so I figured I'd mail it here in case anyone wants to discuss/dispute 
it.  Page in question: http://www.kde.org/info/requirements/3.3.php

1. kdemultimedia needs to have (recommend?) deps added for taglib, 
musicbrainz, and tunepimp and an optional dep added for speex.  Perhaps Scott 
Wheeler can elaborate more.

2. Remove openmotif as a requirement for kdebase plugins

3. gnupg minimum version should be upped to 1.2.5 and moved from kdenetwork to 
kdepim.  Maybe a kmail dev can interject, but I *think* the dep has moved to 
gpgme instead of gnupg...

There are probably more, but this is all I caught this go around.


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