PATCH: [Bug 83064] SMB URI syntax error

David Faure faure at
Tue Aug 10 13:04:19 BST 2004

On Tuesday 10 August 2004 13:43, Dawit A. wrote:
> On Tuesday 10 August 2004 04:13, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> > Am Dienstag 10 August 2004 01:01 schrieb Dawit A.:
> > > Not directly. It was related to the issue of typing "smb:" producing some
> > > error message that coolo mentioned to me. Regarding BR#76372, we did not
> > > at anytime offer to replace a "keyword:" with a whole URL. At least not
> > > intentionally. This was never supported and if for some reason it worked
> > > that way during a prior release, then that was the bug. But I do not
> > > remember that ever being the case. In fact, I remember a wishlist item or
> > > two requesting support for such behavior. Whatever documentation states
> > > otherwise is IMHO wrong and needs to be fixed. Was this the quick help ?
> >
> > Hmm, I just tested and now I'm puzzled. smb: returns "invalid address" ;(
> BTW, I am almost certain this is not the fault of the filtering code, but the 
> applications themselves. For example, if you use "Space" as a keyword 
> delimiter and type "smb " in Minicli, it acts as if I typed "kcmshell smb". 
> It does the same thing for the other KControl modules, e.g. "proxy ".
Yes, because it finds the .desktop files for them.

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