Session Management support in KDialog derivatives

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Tue Aug 3 15:35:01 BST 2004

On Saturday 31 of July 2004 23:48, Frans Englich wrote:
> Hello,
> In kdenonbeta/kcontrol4 the main attraction is, with valid reasons,
> configuration dialogs; KCMultiDialog. I would like to implement session
> management -- the restoring of the dialogs. I am inexperienced with SM, and
> thinks it perhaps is better if the support was implemented centrally -- if
> it's not already done and I've missed how to make it work.
> What SM support currently exists for KDialog?

 None, AFAIK. Only KMainWindow has special support for SM. Other cases need 
the normal application-wide SM support.

> What should I study/read, should have most info and links to 
the relevant QApplication methods.

> and in rough terms implement(in kdelibs if that's right) to get SM support?

 There's already KSessionManaged class in kdelibs, that's probably all you 

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