fix for a few kurlrequester issues....

Ian Reinhart Geiser ian at
Tue Aug 3 06:25:56 BST 2004

i know we are in a freeze of sorts but this patch actually fixes a few issues 
i have been having with KURLRequester
1) No accessors so QProperties would not work
	* this causes annoyances from Qt designer wrt file filters
	* causes annoyances in PyQt and KJSEmbed wrt to the same properties when 
	   created via QWidgetFactory.
2) Fixed a bug where all of the file filter, modes, and other properties where 
just ignored.  This now works quite well.

So can it be applied? its documented, tested, and somewhat useful.  IMHO this 
would be silly to postpone until KDE 4.

	-ian reinhart geiser
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