[Konsole-devel] [PATCH] #83974 - incorrect WM_CLASS in Konsole

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at suse.cz
Sun Aug 1 10:58:50 BST 2004

Dne ne 1. srpna 2004 11:35 Lubos Lunak napsal(a):
> Dne so 31. července 2004 15:04 Waldo Bastian napsal(a):
> > On Friday 30 July 2004 22:08, Fredrik Höglund wrote:
> > > Given that the first Xorg release with composite support is scheduled
> > > for August, and the possibility that there will be a long delay before
> > > KDE 4 is released, I don't think reverting this feature over this issue
> > > will be popular among users.
> >
> > Having to deal with the bugreports isn't popular among developers, feel
> > free to make your own release if you think it's so important that it
> > should break other stuff. I don't want to have to deal with the bugs
> > caused by it on bugs.kde.org.
> >
> > Once it can be done properly it can go in, till that time it should stay
> > out.
>  Cool, can we do the same with the hackish fake transparency?

 I meant fake transparency all over KDE, of course (kicker, popups,...). Not 
that I'm serious here, my self-preservation instinct wouldn't let me.

 There could be other ways of handling this problem. I could add a patch to 
qt-copy/patches moving the transparency code to Qt and just add a flag to 
enable it instead of using the foreign-app QApplication ctor. This could be 
done in binary compatible way without creating a dependency on this patched 
Qt version, and the ARGB visual work would work only with it.

 Either way, this needs proper handling in official Qt (and Fredrik, you 
haven't answered my question).

 Lubos Lunak
 KDE Developer

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