Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Sun Aug 1 01:35:06 BST 2004

On Saturday 31 July 2004 06:03, Adriaan de Groot wrote:
> You mean tweakBSD (for system configuration) or a combination of klilo +
> kuser + some other bits. Some of Simon's firewall stuff, done in PyKDE,
> perhaps. It's been started before. It's been argued over before. And the
> consensus each time seems to have been that a lot of it is too
> system-specific, and the remainder already has tools for it.

and yet we have several items under "System Administration" in KControl today 
and several more apps in kdeadmin. we also have the situation of OS vendors 
who have control panels of their own with no way to nicely integrate it with 
KDE. Mandrake, Red Hat, etc.. just ignore it, SUSE comes closest with their 
YAST entries though even that is frought with drawbacks.

also it allows us to employ a task-appropriate multiwindow approach for admin 
tasks (e.g. multiple windows open at once) which is not nearly as 
task-appropriate in KControl itself. and it relieves KControl of some burdon 
by moving some things out of there that simply aren't a day-to-day concern 
for the vast majority of desktop users.

given that Frans and some others are willing to code this (which will amount 
basically to a nav panel) i'm supportive of it for KDE4...

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