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On Saturday 31 July 2004 7:02 pm, Frans Englich wrote:
> For long buzzed about is KAdmin, similar to KControl but
> does only contain server administration functionality(which KControl have
> in addition to user preferences), and has KParts as content instead of
> KCModules.
> KAdmin would have kernel configuration, boot manager,  "pseudo modules"
> linking to web admin interfaces, kuser, KIOSK(no, that's nothing you need
> as a regular user) -- all integrated under one roof. KAdmin would typically
> be installed on servers only.
> Why is KAdmin needed and what problems does it solve?
> * Administration software is more than simple configuration options -- it's
> a working area. Some understandable needs toolbars, menus and so forth, and
> have tried implementing it in KCModules(QWidget) and it doesn't work --
> it's like squeezing an elephant through a key hole. Administration
> functionality needs the flexibility KParts offers; a widget in a dialog is
> insufficient.

Just curious if you can list some specific examples ( no matter how small ) of 
how kcm didn't work and couldn't live up to what was needed. 

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