[KDE Action Restrictions] as default group?

Luis Pedro Coelho luis_pedro at netcabo.pt
Mon Mar 31 23:30:57 BST 2003

Le Mardi 1 Avril 2003 00:18, Ravikiran Rajagopal a écrit :
>   In the KApplication constructor, we need to check for a certain key in
> that group. I guess I need to "unset" the group after the call (don't yet
> know how to do it). However, in the application, the default group is
> undefined, and you should set the group before you perform calls on the
> KConfig object.

Look at KConfigGroupSaver.

> That said, I'd prefer to leave it as it is, and add documentation to
> KApplication::config() and KConfig documentation stating that the default
> group is undefined, and the callers should set it explicitly. Any
> preferences?

I would prefer a default group with a sensible name.  Call it "Preferences" or 
get the name of the app and call it "<app> Preferences".

Leaving it undefined is a bug waiting to happen. You could say it just 
happened ;)

Luis Pedro Coelho

"Technology does not always equal progress."
Douglas Coupland

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