Pressing and releasing the Win-key opens the K-Menu

Ellis Whitehead ellis at
Mon Mar 31 22:16:27 BST 2003

On Monday 31 March 2003 17:29, Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:
> yes. i absolutely hate it. this is one of windows' most obviously
> annoying misfeatures i've seen so far. it's just braindead to assign
> actions to modifier keys without making them somehow hard to trigger.

Yes, it can be triggered accidentally and it adds a twist to the 
modifier/accelerator paradigm.  But in practice it's a very practical feature 
which I've rarely seen triggered accidentally.  And before KDE could handle 
the Win modifier, I had the impression that many users had assigned the Win 
key to the sole purpose of opening the K-Menu (I was not one of them).

> ... add an option and disable it by default.

OK, I'll make it an option.  Whether it'll be enabled or disabled by default 
doesn't matter to me.  Maybe we can leave that to the usability team...


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