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Sun Mar 30 12:10:19 BST 2003

On Friday 28 March 2003 21:28, Lubos Lunak wrote:
|  On Friday 28 of March 2003 18:28, Havoc Pennington wrote:
|  [snip]
|  > I don't think it owns the desktop, I think it starts nautilus as a
|  > side effect of calling methods on the nautilus server.  It's possible
|  > a simple change could be made to this code to only kick in if nautilus
|  > is running. Also, for a long time I've been meaning to spec a manager
|  > selection for desktop ownership and get nautilus /kdesktop to honor
|  > it. (Same mechanism used to avoid multiple WMs.)
|   That can be easily done, but assuming this XKillClient() issue is solved,
| for what else would this be needed? I fail to see why anybody would try to
| run KDesktop under GNOME, just like using Nautilus for background in KDE.

In fact, _I_ am pretty much interested to have Nautilus running inside KDE.
I run native KDE 3.1 desktop, but for many (testing) reasons, may need to 
launch nautilus as separate application, without Nautilus owning my desktop.

So far, we don't have native Qt/KDE wrapper to librsvg2, and I use Nautilus to 
preview SVG files.
I am not sure how typical my usage pattenr is, but I consider launcing 
Nautilus side-by-side with Konq *a feature*, not a design mistake.

| On the other hand, KDesktop provides some quite important features in KDE,
| like the Alt+F2 minicli, or some other global keyboard shortcuts.

Doesn't GNOME have similiar minicli launcher?
I found this feature quite useful, and would like to have similiar feature in 
GNOME, too.  
I guess we can make this standard, no?..


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