[kde-linux] Wrong language detection in KDE since 3.1

Thiago Macieira thiagom at wanadoo.fr
Sat Mar 29 15:33:13 GMT 2003

Ingo Klöcker wrote:
>I see no indication that the value of LANG or LC_MESSAGES should have
>any effect on the characters someone can enter. Their value should only
>affect the language of messages. If KDE applications don't behave this
>way then they have to be fixed as Stephan already said.

The setting of those variables also contain, even if implicitly, the character 
set being used. For instance, my LANG is "pt_BR", which means that the 
default encoding is ISO-8859-1. Characters outside that range will be 

LC_* is supposed to override the LANG setting for the category, and LC_ALL 
overrides everything else. LC_CTYPE, in special, can contain only the 
character encoding (like, LC_CTYPE=UTF-8).

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