[kde-promo] (fwd) NX Project Announcement

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Sat Mar 29 00:51:26 GMT 2003

Dirk Mueller wrote on kde-promo:

> Hi, 
> might be interesting. 

Definitely it *IS* interesting -- even more than that.

I am testdriving NX since a few days and this is by *far* the fastest
"remote destop-ing" system I have ever seen. The performance across
an internet link is really astonishing. It is better than what I have
even on my LAN (or via a crosslink cable between desktop and laptop)
using krdc/krfb! (I was able to connect to an NX controlled X session
on a remote RedHat system. From inside that session I connected via RDP
to a Win XP box and played "Pinball". With a bad connection I wouldn't
have scored   631750  points at first attempt, would I?

My excitement about this is just as big as it was when I first explored
the potential of CUPS nearly 4 years ago...  ;-)

I ask everybody who is interested in this to just get yourself a testdrive
account once (you can always leave it alone if you don't like it). [Be warned:
you will be encountering a semi-broken RedHat desktop there -- but I think
Gian Filippos offer to help develop an Open Source version of NX is
worth while exploring.]

A KDE version of NX could be a reall killer application for its usage
on the desktop in large offices and organizations.

NX seems to be able provide (clustered) application servers, which can
serve and satisfy hundreds or even thousands of client machines. It will
open the door to a new kind of "network computing" for many users.


P.S.: Hmmm... and what is it good for regarding kde-promo? All these
       unpatient developers who at fairs and shows want to present their
       latest and greatest unstable CVS code in action can do so now...
       just conned from the PC on the booth home to your developer
       box and crash that in an NX window instead of the one which is
       needed to satisfy the visitors   ;-)

> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Subject: NX Project Announcement
> From: Gian Filippo Pinzari <pinzari at nomachine.com>
> Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2003 00:45:47 +0100
> To: ltsp-developer at lists.sourceforge.net, gnome-devel-list at gnome.org, 
> kde-devel at mail.kde.org
> Hi all,
> this message was sent to LTSP, GNOME and KDE developers'
> mailing lists. We invite everybody in these lists to check our
> work at NoMachine:
> http://www.nomachine.com
> NX is a commercial product and some parts are closed source,
> nevertheless all the core technology on which NX is based is
> and will remain OpenSource. This includes very, very good
> compression of X protocol that is the result of 3 years of hard
> development (I know it was hard, as I'm one of those who did
> it ;-). Beside software developed by NoMachine to handle X
> sessions, we integrated in the same infrastructure seamless
> access to RDP and RFB sessions through integration with
> RDesktop and and VNC projects.
> We would be glad to see close cooperation between LTSP,
> KDE, GNOME and NoMachine. We look forward to share not
> only our experiences, but even code, common architecture
> and desktop integration.
> Some early documents, among them an introduction to NX
> design goals, can be found here:
> http://www.nomachine.com/documentation.php
> Sources of core components are available at:
> http://www.nomachine.com/dev_sources.php
> There was a small thread in XFree86 forum these days were
> some technical issues about X as a remote computing platform
> and NX in particular were discussed. You can find it at:
> http://www.xfree86.org/pipermail/forum/2003-March/000629.html
> We believe NX is opening Linux to an unexploited market and
> can give to X new life in the form of what it was originally
> intended to be: a pervasive network computing platform.
> NoMachine provides a TestDrive server where you can freely
> connect and run as many KDE and GNOME sessions as you
> like. We think we have done a good job. Customers and many
> Linux developers that had a chance to try it were really impres-
> sed by the performances, but we want to hear from the real
> experts.
> Download the client from here:
> http://www.nomachine.com/download.php
> then get a user id and passoword from:
> http://www.nomachine.com/testdrive.php
> At the moment the test account never expires, so you can use
> it to compare performances in different network conditions.
> Even if you don't care about X compression, consider that NX
> includes everything is needed to make a MS Windows computer
> a X terminal, so you can do with it something useful :-).
> A last word about NX commercial software. As we said, all the
> core components (and especially the X related components)
> are OSS and released ad GPL. This means that everything the
> NX client and server do, can be done by hand by a normal user
> having an account on the remote server. We aim at the lazy
> users :-). NoMachine intends to provide the higher level software
> and the administrative tools that make possible to run thousands
> of users' sessions. We aim at the same customers of Citrix
> MetaFrame and SCO Tarantella. In the future, we envision a
> world where any application is available to any device, from
> anywhere in the world. To make this possible we needed
> efficient transport and compression of X-Window. Now it is
> there and everybody can use it.
> It's our interest to make our technology widespread. We would
> be glad to see an OpenSource version of NX client and NX
> server software and would be happy to see our OSS code in
> LTSP, GNOME and KDE projects. We'll provide all the help
> to make this possible. At the same time we think that a 100%
> OSS business model is not affordable for our company. We
> would like to contribute to build a free battleground where
> OSS and commercial software can cooperate (but even fairly
> compete) to make OSS technology win against proprietary
> solutions.
> /Gian Filippo Pinzari.
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