new patch : kimgio for wmf files

Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at
Fri Mar 28 17:38:43 GMT 2003

If you plan intragating your code with KOfffice, please do not forget that 
KOffice CVS HEAD is supposed to wrok with KDE 3.1.x.

So I suppose that you would need to duplicate your code inside KOffice, in one 
way or another. (If you want code in KOffice just for KDE 3.1.x, see how it 
was done in koffice/mimetypes/ (for the subdirectory kde31 .)

For your information, the class handling WMF pictures for KWord/KPresenter is 
in koffice/lib/kofficecore/koPictureWmf.* (If you have question about this 
class, you can ask me.)

Karbon has a WMF filter (koffice/filters/karbon/wmf) but be careful that the 
MSOD filter is build on WMF too (koffice/filters/karbon/msod).

I am sorry that I have not the time to look closely at your patch. At first 
glance, I have not found any problem.

Have a nice day/evening/night!

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List:     kde-core-devel
Subject:  new patch : kimgio for wmf files
From:     thierry lorthiois <lorthioist () wanadoo ! fr>
Date:     2003-03-27 20:09:29

> My point is simply that it would make sense to at least put KWinMetaFile
> and its helper classes in a libkwmf, that kimgio_wmf (and koffice) 
> would link to.


this new wmf patch is for kimgio directory.
the kwmf library contains :
  and the API is 'QPainter like'

while the rest of the files are
specific to kimgio

if you don't see problems with this implementation,
I'll try to connect the library with koffice (kwmfpicture)
next month.


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