GTK2 font settings

Craig Drummond Craig.Drummond at
Fri Mar 28 10:02:39 GMT 2003

> On Fri, Mar 28, 2003 at 12:04:57AM +0100, Fredrik Höglund wrote: 
> > I think it would be better to set the gtk-font-name property in the
> gtkrc
> > file in krdb when the color palette is written to it. That also has the
> > advantage of working regardless of whether gconf is installed or
> > not.
> Agreed that's a better way and in line with how colors are handled
> now.

Well yes and no. Using gconftool the font settings are applied to any
running apps. Using gtkrc the apps have to be restarted. In a way I think both
gnome and KDE control modules should set the properties of each other - until all
use the same settings method (XSETTING, or whatever).

Why does the gnome-settings-daemon insist on owning the desktop?

Anyway, I won't be applying the patch.

> The *best* way would be to do an XSETTING for the font name and
> colors, and have GTK+ and Qt both follow it.
> Havoc


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