GTK2 font settings

Fredrik Höglund fredrik at
Thu Mar 27 23:04:57 GMT 2003

On Thursday 27 March 2003 22:41, Craig Drummond wrote:
> Hi,
> The attatched patch, to kdebase/kcontrol/fonts, will set the GTK2
> application font to the KDE general font (as happens with the Qt font). It
> does this by calling the gconftool-2 with the appropriate parameters. May I
> apply? The only problem is if gconftool-2 does not exist, or is not in the
> path. Is there a way to detect this at run time?
> KDE already tries to set GTK colours, so setting fonts as well seems
> logical, no?

KDE exports the color palette to Gtk by creating a ~/.gtkrc-kde file and
setting the GTK_RC_FILES environment variable to include that file. That
way the KDE palette is only applied to Gtk apps while KDE is running,
and doesn't interfer with the users Gnome settings.

If I'm not mistaken exporting the font setting with gconftool-2 in this
way will apply the setting to Gnome permanently.

I think it would be better to set the gtk-font-name property in the gtkrc
file in krdb when the color palette is written to it. That also has the
advantage of working regardless of whether gconf is installed or not.


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