GTK2 font settings

Craig Drummond Craig.Drummond at
Thu Mar 27 22:33:46 GMT 2003

On Thursday 27 Mar 2003 21:41, Craig Drummond wrote:
> Hi,
> The attatched patch, to kdebase/kcontrol/fonts, will set the GTK2
> application font to the KDE general font (as happens with the Qt font). It
> does this by calling the gconftool-2 with the appropriate parameters. May I
> apply? The only problem is if gconftool-2 does not exist, or is not in the
> path. Is there a way to detect this at run time?
> KDE already tries to set GTK colours, so setting fonts as well seems
> logical, no?

Sorry, please ignore this. It works, but settings only get applied if the 
gnome-settings-daemon is running - and this seems to take over the desktop 
background, hiding KDE's icons.


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