kicker crash

Frerich Raabe frerich.raabe at
Wed Mar 26 04:07:30 GMT 2003

On Wednesday 26 March 2003 01:44, Antonio Larrosa Jiménez wrote:
> I've received a bug report saying that kicker in 3.1 crashes when using the
> attached image as background (an image which is fully transparent). The
> problem is that it seems to take down the whole computer at the same time.
> And it seems to be completely reproducible.
> In HEAD it works correctly. Anyone can test it under 3.1.1 and tell us if
> it was fixed there? Also, it would be nice if someone could test it in 3.1
> to see if it's really reproducible for everyone.

With 3.1.1, it causes the area which is covered by the image to appear 
completely white. It does not cause a crash or take down the box though.

- Frerich

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