[PATCH] KOnScreenDisplay

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Tue Mar 25 15:47:21 GMT 2003

On Tuesday 25 March 2003 04:31, Jakob Schroeter wrote:
> Finally I managed to finish a new On Screen Display class.
> This one "jumps" away for newer OSDs, so more than one OSD is no more a
> problem. It supports rich text. The user can customize the OSD color on a
> per-event basis. The font can be customized in the fonts kcm. The (stripped
> down) OSD kcm remains, but sits in the LookNFeel department now. Blinking
> is in, but not configurable by the user. The icon of the app calling
> knotify is displayed on the left of the displayed text.
> From what I understand, this, especially the knotify changes, introduces
> BIC. Also I am not sure how this works with Xinerama.
> Patches are against HEAD:
> http://www.camaya.de/download/kdelibs.konscreendisplay.patch
> http://www.camaya.de/download/kdebase.konscreendisplay.patch
> Screenshot:
> http://www.camaya.de/shots/konscreendisplay.png
> Due to the kate config the patches also remove some trailing whitespace. I
> hope you don't mind.

   The screenshot looks good, and I think we probably should have a global 
OSD.  However you should have a look at all the OSDs in KDE.  There is one in 
kdeui, one in kdeaddons, at least one in kdenonbeta, and of course this one 
in kdelibs.  Does it provide everything that those ones need?  The one in 
kdenonbeta, and soon the one in kdeutils, are "skinnable" for instance.  You 
can make the OSD look how you like.  The one that you display in the 
screenshot does not look like it will work too well for all applications, and 
in that case, it should either be enhanced or used just in specific cases and 
not kdeui.

   I'm really not convinced that you can make a "one size fits all" OSD 
though.  I really suspect that it will be very confusing to the user to have 
3-4 applications all using the same class (and thus the same style of output) 
for on-screen display.  Which applications are using it so far?

   For Xinerama support, please read the developer faq on developer.kde.org.


George Staikos

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