patch : kimgio for wmf files

thierry lorthiois lorthioist at
Mon Mar 24 21:07:43 GMT 2003


> Do you have a plan to reduce code duplication with e.g. the wmf code in
> KOffice?
> I think the wmf->image code isn't generic enough for koffice 
> (we also want wmf->svg, or more generally wmf->vector graphics API 
> that one can inherit, to implement converting to SVG or karbon, 

yes the code is "oriented" for pixmap 
I'll spend some time to try wmf->vector graphics API around the end april.
but it's impossible to have complete convertion because 
wmf = vector + bitmap manipulation
so we loose some part of the drawing
(this is why the lib use pixmap)

> but also drawing into a QPicture,  etc.)

Hmm, after many hours on QPicture and wmf (in koffice) I'm perplexed. 
I doubt it's possible to have a good implementation of wmf with QPicture.
  - is it possible to have bitmap manipulation (raster, pattern) in QPicture
    and drawing on a printer ?
  - the emmulation in software on some bitmap mapping
    give unpredictable performance 
    (small file->very very slow rendering compare to pixmap)

but for now I'll try wmf->vector graphics API, 
then we'll see.


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