GMOME, KDE Developers' Open Statement on XFree86

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at
Tue Mar 25 02:29:55 GMT 2003

Daniel Stone wrote:

> On Mon, Mar 24, 2003 at 05:44:20PM +0100, Ralf Nolden scrawled:
>>attatched you'll find a joint statement from KDE and GNOME developers 
>>concerning the recent issues around XFree86 that are affecting us as desktop 
>>development groups together.
> I still maintain that this is interference in other projects' politics,
> pure and simple. No matter how much we depend on XFree86, it's still not
> our place to comment.


you might kindly bother to squint at the forum at list itself,
*very* newly created, less than 5 days ago. It is also available at

for your reading efforts. You'd *possibly* come to a conclusion that
interested people and parties from the outside have actually been
*invited* to comment, by the very people who constitute the Core Team
carrying XFree86, the subject of the statement you so fiercly oppose.

However, I am open to hear your different interpretation of the first
opening mail on that list, reading "Invitation for public discussion
about the future of X", issued last Thursday, signed by "The XFree86
Project Board of Directors".

Please, try to get into a habbit of dissipating *informed* comments only
about $subject. Otherwise the impression your behaviour imposes on me
isn't turning into a favourable one.

Also, I think a statement like the above was even appropriate if the direct
invitation hadn't been issued. What would you do if there *was* a fork in
XFree86? You'd possibly have to *decide* (instead of just comment) --
decide which one of the forks you'd start to support first (even if you
wanted to support both in the end)... You'll be forced to *decide*
something about the mess (or the chance, depending on your point of view):
in other words, you'd "get your hands dirty" and "interfere in other
project's politics", as you see it....

I'm quite sure, if something similar had happened on the LKML, a lot of
the people who now want to play "dig your heads deep into the sand"
would shout loudly and take one side or the other, forgetting what they
preach today....

> What next, a statement saying "vote [1] tbm for
> DPL"?

Get over it. Nothing like that is in the statement.


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