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Jörg Walter jwalt-kde at
Mon Mar 24 20:15:51 GMT 2003

On Monday, 24. March 2003 20:26, Julian Rockey wrote:
> On Monday 24 Mar 2003 7:19 pm, Jason Keirstead wrote:
> > OT: Anyone working on one of these? I think one based off of the
> > Apache Xalan lib would be ideal (
> > ), it works well and has a nice
> > clean C++ API. Not sure about how well Apache licensing works with
> > kdelibs though??
> I too like Xalan (& Xerces); however doesn't kio_help already link against
> libxml2 / libxslt ? I guess we shouldn't end up using two libraries that do
> the same thing.

Using libxslt in my everyday work, I can whole-heartedly recommend it. It's 
among the most complete XSLT implementations, real fast, and has very good 
exslt support as well. Also, the author has proven to be responsive to bug 
fixes/enhancements (read: patches).
About the C API I can't say much - the perl bindings are great :-) (The API is 
mostly libxml2'ish, as far as I know)


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