propertiesdialog and remote files gives problems in kfileitem.cpp

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Sat Mar 22 21:30:04 GMT 2003

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The last few hours i'v been trying to track down a bug i noticed and 

which is not only related to fish but is also noteced with ftp

when using an ioslave to view a remote directory let it be fish or ftp
right clicking on any file in konquoror choosing properties changing some 
permission and then clicking OK works ok when looking at the file in another 
way say by using ls in a shell the changes are made. BUT konquoror believes 
the file or dir has the time set to 01/01/70 01:00 size 0 owner and group are 
blank permissions are all blank.

I finally traced down the path it follows

propertiesdialog calls a dcop method with a list of urls that are changed

  KDirNotify_stub allDirNotify("*", "KDirNotify*");
  allDirNotify.FilesChanged( lst );

which is picked up by

void KDirListerCache::FilesChanged( const KURL::List &fileList )
      KFileItem* fileitem = findByURL( 0, *it );

and calls the refresh() for that fileitem

In KFileItem::refresh all the attributes of the FileItem are cleared and then 
the init is called. BUT init does not do anything for remote files.

I wanted to make a patch so that init will call KIO::NetAccess::stat to get 
the attributes but this is almost impossible to do since stat needs the 
window for it's password caching and i can't start to imagine what other 
implications this would have.

can anyone comment on this and maybe suggest a solution?

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