[PATCH] kate 20 login boxes was Re: RFC: Syncrounous execution with fish ioslave

Willy De la Court Willy.DelaCourt at pandora.be
Sat Mar 22 18:15:37 GMT 2003

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On Saturday 22 March 2003 18:58, Christoph Cullmann wrote:
> > > this patch should solve that problem
> > > if the kate maintainer can comment on this and let me know if i can
> > > commit it. The patch will test the file existance in a synchrounous way
> > > so if you load 20 files from the same fish ftp or other remote protocol
> > > it will ask the password ones for every server. This is a quick hack
> > > and maybe can be optimized.
> >
> > Optimized so it only checks remote files. SInce the donwload of the files
> > is going to take some time it should not have big performance
> > implications.
> Please commit it, better a little performance hit than massive msgbox
> spamming.
Does it need to be backported to the KDE_3_1_1 branch? Or is this consicdered 
a new feature?

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