Why keep the old kio/smb? (was: Re: new component for bugs.kde.org)

Luis Pedro Coelho luis_pedro at netcabo.pt
Sat Mar 22 10:25:09 GMT 2003

Le Vendredi 21 Mars 2003 09:19, Stephan Kulow a écrit :
> After you left your bug reports alone for a couple of months, now waking up
> and claiming the "other" smb slave is unmaintained, is a pretty funny
> thing. Really, I like it!

If that was directed at Alex, it was wrong because it was mostly me that 
questioned whether or not we should keep the other smb slave. So, any flames 
should be directed at me :)

I think we can drop the subject now. At least it led to having a couple of 
bugs closed, so it wasn't for nothing.

Luis Pedro Coelho


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