Why keep the old kio/smb? (was: Re: new component for bugs.kde.org)

Stefan Gehn sgehn at gmx.net
Thu Mar 20 16:59:44 GMT 2003


On Mittwoch März 19 2003 22:13, Luis Pedro Coelho wrote:
> Le Mercredi 19 Mars 2003 21:39, Alexander Neundorf a écrit :
> > On Wednesday 19 March 2003 21:33, Luis Pedro Coelho wrote:
> > ...
> >
> > > Given that that slave did not change since your above quoted message,
> > > and yours seems to have pretty recent patches, I don't see the point in
> > > keeping the other around.
> >
> > Well, conceptionally a smb-ioslave which uses a library which is
> > specifically designed for such uses is better.
> > But somebody has to work on it.
> The other slave seems unmaintained: The last change to the other slave was
> nine months ago according to CVS. Which would be ok if there weren't any
> bugs on it, but that does not seem to be the case.

Well, I have some patches to it locally but I cannot commit as it'll break 
other things (which I don't use myself). If I'm right I still use the libsmb 
ioslave and it works pretty well for me, I'd have to try out both manually to 
find out which one suits me better :)

> I rather have a conceptually worse ioslave than a broken and unmaintained
> one.

It's not really broken for me.

Bye, Stefan aka mETz
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