PATCH: KURLCompletion

Dawit A. adawit at
Wed Mar 19 06:08:24 GMT 2003

On Wednesday 19 March 2003 01:01, Dawit A. wrote:
> Hello,
> The following small patch adds a new completion mode (LocalPathCompletion)
> which performs completion only for local urls.  Why is this needed ? To add
> path/man/info completion support into Mincli without automatically forcing
> remote completions onto everyone, specially those with slow/metered
> internet connections.  Any comments ?

P.S. For those who do not know, you should be aware that the minicli patch is 
only a demonstration. The real implementation is not as simple as it requires 
both KURLCompletion and normal KCompletion to work together much like is the 
case in konqueror.

Dawit A.

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