RFC: KConfig XT (KDE 3.2)

Benjamin Meyer ben at meyerhome.net
Mon Mar 17 05:07:28 GMT 2003

Hmm maybe rather then spinning my wheels on what is good/bad.  A look at what 
the goals are would be better use of our time. 

First the reason for the goals is first for kiosk admins (correct me if I am 
wrong here) and then power users.  So the solutions must take that into 

> > Goals
> > * Have the default value for config entries defined in 1 place.

If we want to get it down to 1 place it would have to be an export from the 
application. (for reasons already expressed in the thread).

> > * Provide type-information about config entries to facilate

Both KPrefs, KAutoConfig, etc can provide this functionality with minimal 
work.  For KConfig it could be just one extra function (such as):  
setEntryType(entry, type) and a modification to the writeConfig(QVariant, 

> > * Facilitate the documentation of config entries.

This could also be in the export from number one.  For gui configs you could 
even just have it output the WhatsThis which (after the developer added all 
of the whatsThis) would provide the user with more info at the same time.

-Benjamin Meyer

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