PATCH: am_edit kdeinit library autogeneration

Benjamin Reed ranger at
Sun Mar 16 18:21:58 GMT 2003

Here is a first blush of the patch to autogenerate a shared 
library/module combination for binaries for kdeinit.

Basically, instead of having:

bin_PROGRAMS = dcopserver

dcopserver_la_LDFLAGS = -module -avoid-version $(all_libraries)
dcopserver_la_SOURCES = dcopserver.cpp dcopsignals.cpp
dcopserver_la_LIBADD   =

dcopserver_LDFLAGS = $(KDE_RPATH) $(all_libraries)
dcopserver_SOURCES = dummy.cpp
dcopserver_LDADD   =
---(end before)---

You would do this:

bin_PROGRAMS = dcopserver
KDEINIT = dcopserver

dcopserver_LDFLAGS = $(KDE_RPATH) $(all_libraries)
dcopserver_SOURCES = dcopserver.cpp dcopsignals.cpp
dcopserver_LDADD   =
---(end after)---

What it will *actually* end up generating is 
(which is a normal libtool library), and then it generates a (kde module) and dcopserver (binary) which link against

This allows building on platforms (like macosx and a.out netbsd) that 
don't allow linking against libtool modules.  I've tested it with both 
dependency tracking enabled and disabled and it seems to work OK.

I'm doing some test builds right now with kdelibs and kdebase after 
modifying the bits that don't build on osx, and it's working so far.  If 
I get buy-in that everything's cool, I'll start making 
changes in HEAD to make things build nicely.

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