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On Sunday March 16, 2003 05:47, Tim Jansen wrote:
> On Sunday 16 March 2003 02:01, Guillaume Laurent wrote:
> > - he's not demanding anything, merely offerring suggestions, and good
> > ones - he's not saying we should scrap it all
> > - there is no "what already works", multimedia in KDE is way below the
> > average quality level of the rest of the project.
> Concerning MPlayer, there are two groups of people. Those who have used
> it, and those who have seen the code. I haven't seen a single person who
> has seen the code and still wanted to use it :) or even maintain a
> program based on it...

As far as I'm concerned, that's not the issue with mplayer.  A while back, 
kmplayer was proposed for use in kdemultimedia: 

kmplayer does nothing to improve the media infrastructure that many other 
apps us.  Some have even said that mplayer is not at all suited for 
improving other applications, because it has no library to use, like xine 

And to go back even further, before KDE 3.1 we considered video options.  
Three options were seriously pursued, but mplayer was not one of them.  
The reason was that not one developer existed that was willing to pursue 
it!  Xine had a developer.  Transcode had developers.  mpeglib's proposed 
successor had developers.  Mplayer had no developers interested in 
integrating it with the rest of aRts and KDE, and to this day I've seen no 
volunteers.  We could support mplayer alongside xine in KDE 3.2, but only 
if someone writes for it what Ewald Snel wrote for xine.  Someone just has 
to *do* it.

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