bug handling policy / interaction with users

Piotr Szymanski djurban at redfox.pl
Sun Mar 16 11:27:18 GMT 2003

Guillaume Laurent (Sunday 16 of March 2003 02:01)
> I agree with that too, but it doesn't apply here.
Yup that report is ok.

> - he's not demanding anything, merely offerring suggestions, and good ones
> - he's not saying we should scrap it all
You are right.

> - there is no "what already works", multimedia in KDE is way below the
> average quality level of the rest of the project.
Everyone knows that kdemultimedia is not exactly the best quality you can get 
and I bet there are more reports that say similar thigs about kdemultimedia.
After reading for the tenth time that "kdemultimedia sucks" (that was not 
said, but after 3 or 4 report you get a negative attitude to the problem and 
begin to understand them differently) it is extremely hard to be nice.
And if you have a situation like Charles has with noatun, it is a quite 

As for being not paid, politeness is not a matter of salary, I think the most 
important thing is to like what one is doing, if someone has a situation like 
Charles then it is not that easy to be polite to every user saying bla, bla 
bla, it should be like this....
Piotr Szymanski
djurban at redfox.pl

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