bug handling policy / interaction with users

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Sat Mar 15 19:03:06 GMT 2003

Sorry, this one kind of just rubbed me the wrong way:


Here we have an example of a user doing exactly what we ask of them -- doing a 
detailed bug report / wishlist type-of-thing.  There are 7 paragraphs there; 
this obviously took some time to write.  The bug was closed with two short, 
semi-abusive comments.

I'm not claiming this is valid or useful, but from a user's perspective it's 
relatively rational.  Again, this is our most useful class of users and they 
deserve at the bare minimum, "I'm sorry, this is not technically practical 
(or is already available).  Thank you for your time and input."  That would 
have taken no more time to do.

So, what would be nice would be some sort of understood basic respect for 
users that report bugs or interact with KDE developers through the 
appropriate channels.  I assumed that such was an unwritten policy, but such 
is apparently not the case.  It would be nice to have something like this 
while creating a bugzilla account; there was already something similar with 
regards to @kde.org email addresses discussed at the Hamburg meeting.  I 
would like to extend that to a policy for interacting with users while 
filling an official role (i.e. application maintainer).

And a final qualifier -- I'm sure that there are more examples of this and I 
don't mean to single this one out or these individual responses, but this is 
an example of things done wrong.



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