[Kde-kiosk] [RFC]: KConfigSQLBackend

Caleb Tennis caleb at aei-tech.com
Fri Mar 14 14:41:47 GMT 2003

> > More seriously though, I would very much like to see an implementation of
> > this. I'm especially interested in the performance part. I'm somewhat
> > afraid that the solution that you outlined may be rather slow. I myself
> > played with the idea to keep the INI-Backend but have a file-requester
> > service that downloads and uploads config files when needed. The
> > applications themselves would then still access the (downloaded) files
> > from local disk. The advantage of this approach would be that it might
> > also work for files that aren't strictly config files (e.g. the history
> > file of konqueror)

In actually working on the implementation, I'm starting to see the advantage 
of this method.  Creating a generic interface to handle SQL configuration is 
rather trivial, but attempting to implement it as a system wide replacement 
for the INI backend is a bit more of a challenge.  I was first curious about 
what happens if someone wants to try both at the same time, but I quickly 
decided that wasn't feasible.

So, I'm warming up to the backend idea.  I'm thinking now that by keeping only 
one table and moving all of the file data directly into columns (filename, 
directory, et al) and using that as a backend for the INI file creation, we'd 
be helping ourselves out a lot.

Perhaps a KConfigSQLBackend would be an appropriate class, and that it 
contains a KConfigINIBackend inside of itself, so that later if we determine 
we want to change the way the SQL backend works, we still have the class 
interface there to do so.

I'll noodle on this a bit more.


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