KDE 3.1 requirements: Misses pilot-link

Adriaan de Groot adridg at sci.kun.nl
Fri Mar 14 11:12:35 GMT 2003

On Fri, 14 Mar 2003, Marc Mutz wrote:
> It's missing from the KDE 3.1 requirements page.

It's not a hard requirement, since KPilot is supposed to disable itself if
no pilot-link stuff is found. And, I might add, I've mentioned pilot-link
as a dependency before, in some previous "what-does-KDE-need?" thread.

> Furthermore, kpilot compilation isn't suppressed if no
> pilot-link(-devel) is present.

if test "$HAVE_PISOCK" = "0" ; then
        AC_MSG_WARN([KPILOT: pisock library not found])

Looks sensible to me, but god knows what kind of weirdness has happened in
the rest of the build system.

> Can someone please look into this?

Could you state whether you're trying to build HEAD, BRANCH,
KDE_2_1_2_RELEASE, or something else? And I'd like to see your config.log.
(The relevant bits, preferably in private mail).

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