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Joseph Wenninger jowenn at
Thu Mar 13 13:51:53 GMT 2003


Am Don, 2003-03-13 um 13.39 schrieb David Faure:
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> On Thursday 13 March 2003 20:35, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> > How could you fix the bug of KMainWindow not knowing when the statusbar is 
> > hidden/shown with that approch?
> event filter? how does it work for toolbars?
> > Also KToggleToolBarAction is marked as "@obsolete. toolbar actions are created 
> > automatically now in the Settings menu. Don't use this anymore"
> I knew I wasn't up-to-date about this. Can anyone tell us how that works now?

look for instance into the kate code

  setStandardToolBarMenuEnabled( true );

  setXMLFile( "kateui.rc" );
  createShellGUI ( true );

setStandardToolBarMenuEnabled is a KMainWindow method.

If you don't use GUI merging, you have to add <Merge
name="StandardToolbarMenuHandler"/> somewhere

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