StatusBar in KMainWindow

Benjamin Meyer ben at
Thu Mar 13 19:35:47 GMT 2003

> This might be a little too intrusive IMHO. The app will have no way to
> choose whether it wants this action or not.
> And in e.g. Konqueror we don't want it (there isn't a single statusbar,
> but one per view).

Hmmm maybe have a functions called manageStatusBar(bool) and 
manageToolBars(bool).  That way developers could still have control and 
choose if they want KMainWindow to manage it or to do it themselves still.

> I think we rather need a dedicated class, KToggleStatusBar, like we have
> KToggleToolBar, that does all the magic behind the scenes, but one still
> has to create it explicitly using KStdAction::showStatusbar.

How could you fix the bug of KMainWindow not knowing when the statusbar is 
hidden/shown with that approch?

Also KToggleToolBarAction is marked as "@obsolete. toolbar actions are created 
automatically now in the Settings menu. Don't use this anymore"

-Benjamin Meyer

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