[PATCH] Fix 49564 - please review

Jesper Juhl jju at dif.dk
Thu Mar 13 00:11:40 GMT 2003

Ravikiran Rajagopal wrote:

> Configuration key added, and the X11 defs removed. Please see attached
> patch.

In a previous patch the error message was : 

"Cannot save options. Please contact your systems administrator."

Now it is :

"Configuration file \"%1\" not writable.\n"

I agree that it's good to tell the user that the config file is not
writeable, and telling the user which file was causing the problem is also
good, but I think it's appropriate to add the "contact your systems
administrator" bit as well.
I'd suggest using a string such as :

"Cannot save options since configuration file \"%1\" is not writable. Please
contact your systems administrator."

/Jesper Juhl <jju at dif.dk>

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