PATCH UPDATE: macosx build changes

Benjamin Reed ranger at
Thu Mar 13 01:31:51 GMT 2003

This is an updated version of the MacOSX patches to the admin/ 
directory, which combines (most) of my admin bits and Sam Magnuson's 
Qt/Mac build changes.  The things that are missing are 
libtool.m4/ changes, and a couple of minor changes to related to my current hack to all of the makefiles for 
the kdeinit split.

An updated summary of the changes:

- moved the _NSGetEnviron bits to an AH_VERBATIM
- changed the linker flags to -Xlinker for frameworks
   to be compatible with libtool 1.5
- many changes to treat Qt/Mac like Qt/Embedded for
   the most part
- change the getdomainname check to use size_t
   (is this right?  it used to be "unsigned int" in 3.1,
   now I see it's been changed in HEAD admin to just
- added <unistd.h> to the mkstemp check or else it fails
   complaining about missing types on osx
- changes to pam checks to look in pam/pam_appl.h as well
   as security/pam_appl.h (fixes to pam-using code will
   come in a later patch)
- find the Apple java framework
- add the fink qt3 doc directory to the default QTDOCDIR

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