Replace KcmFontinst with kio_fonts

Craig Drummond Craig.Drummond at
Wed Mar 12 10:05:54 GMT 2003

> > I disagree, this is the way both Windows and Mac install and manage
> fonts
> > (drag them into a folder, delete them from the folder), and it is very
> > intuitive and simple for the average person to do, as well as what they
> a
> re
> > used to. Users should not have to worry about TrueType vs. Type1, or
> have
> > to go through an install wizard, or other such nonsense.
> if the kcm module is set up the way you propose, then maybe...
> The only problem I see is the n00b breaking his font system by adding ttfs
> to 
> his type1 directory and vice versa.

This woulnd't break anything - there is no point in separting the fonts into
different directories based upon type. KcmFontinst and kio_fonts will handle
mixed font types in the same dir, it has its own mechanism for creatnig
fonts.dir and fonts.scale (it doesn't use mkfontdir, ttmkfdir, or mkfontscale).


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